Nagi と Kei Sugano による男女2人組ユニット、Dazzle Drums。それぞれが 90 年代から DJ 活動を開始。ソウルフルなハウスを軸に幅広い選曲が持ち味で、ダンス / ハウスク
ラシックスと最新の新譜を織り交ぜプレイする。2005 年より NY の老舗ハウスレーベル〈King Street Sounds / Nite Grooves〉や〈Tony Records〉、UK の〈Centric Music〉な どに楽曲を提供するのと平行して、2010 年から自主レーベル〈Green Parrot Recording〉を始動し、12 年 2 月にレーベル初のアナログをリリース、A 面 “Round Midnight (Late Night Mix)” は DJ Nori、Joe Claussell、Danny Krivit がプレイ、B 面 “Falling Up(Original Demo)” は Tony Humphries や Tim Sweeney そして DJ EMMA がプレイし、幅広 い DJ からの評価を獲得。また NK RMX(別名義ハウス・リミックス・シリーズ)も〈Body & SOUL〉において複数曲プレイされており、アナログ・シリーズ最新作 004 は一 週間でソールドアウト。レギュラー DJ は、新丸ビル marunouchi (HOUSE)、また毎月第 2 日曜日午後に LOOP で 6 年半開催された主宰〈Block Party〉は、新店舗 0 (ZERO) に て 7 月に再開。5 月 24 日の eleven クロージングパーティでは、Joe Claussell, DJ EMMA とともにメインフロアに華を添えた。

Dazzle Drums is Nagi & Kei Sugino’s unit, and they are life partner too. Nagi & Kei start their DJ activity since 90’s. In the beginning , they played separately though. Their selections of music are centered on soulful House music with Dance/House classics and latest tracks.
Since 2005’ , Dazzle Drums start released tracks from NYC’s traditional House Music labels {King Street Sounds/Nite Grooves} , {Tony Records} ,UK’s {Centric Music) etc…..
{Green Parrots Recordings} is their own label which is started 2010’ and released their first 12” analog single in Feb/2012’ , side A”Round Midnight”
(Late night mix) was played by DJ Nori , Joe Claussel and Danny Krivit ,
side B “Falling Up”(original demo) was played by Tony Humphries , Tim
Sweeny and DJ Emma and they got high feedbacks from wide range of DJs
from all over the world.
NK RMX is their another name for House Remix series and their tracks were
played at “Body & Soul” , their latest released #004 was sold out in a week.
We can hear their playing at Shin-Marunouchi Building/marunouchi(HOUSE),
{Block Party} at new club 0(zero) from July/2013’.
They also played at closing party at “Eleven” with Joe Claussell , DJ Emma
and crowds were psyched with their play.
Dazzle Drums is precious exist for Japan’s Deep House Music scene for sure.